Collection: Silent tags

Nalion Silent Tags - Light as a feather & noiseless

The Nalion Silent Tags are the alternative to the metal pet tag for everyone who prefers it to be noiseless and jingle-free - because the Nalion Silent Tags are made of BPA-free silicone.

Designed by Nalion - I created the design of the silent tags myself and when designing it, it was important to ensure that it remained true to my style and retained a piece of Nalion's uniqueness.

Colors - The colors of the silent tags are deliberately chosen so that they match any fur color, exude naturalness and still provide a pleasant colored accent on the collar/harness.

Size - With their size of 32x34mm (soon also available in 26x29mm), the Silent Tags are large enough to engrave a few more information on the back and are also great as a key ring

Make your brand unique and have the back personalized with a nice slogan, information, Tasso number, telephone number or statement.

Nalion Silent Tags - available for every adventure!