This collection has it all! For the first time there is a collection in two different versions and, probably the best thing about it, with every piece from this collection I donate 5 euros to the Pet Haven Society Seychelles. I designed and implemented this collection together with Simone von Wolkenweit, who lives in the Seychelles with her dog Lion.

I met Simone about three years ago and she bought a pet tag for her dog Lion from me. Since then we have been in constant contact and have followed each other on social media. When we placed our first order, we talked about the conditions of animal husbandry in the Seychelles...

In Seychelles it is not very common to keep pets such as dogs and cats. Almost all dogs and cats that you see there are homeless and are simply "disposed of", as is also common in many southern and partly European countries. What makes things even more difficult in the Seychelles is that you can't simply buy food for the animals in the supermarket, let alone that there is a pet shop. The medical care for the animals is almost even worse. There is not a veterinarian on every island and it usually involves a lot of effort and travel.

All of this costs an enormous amount of money and has therefore become a shared passion project for me and Simone.

I'm so happy to be able to present this great collection to you today and hope that you like it as much as Simone and I do and that we can do a little bit of good together and help this organization.