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ELEMENTS design your own pet tag • Hexagon 26mm

ELEMENTS design your own pet tag • Hexagon 26mm

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Nalion ELEMENTS pet tag

The brands that tell their own little story... Personal, unique & as individual as the wearer.

Hand-stamped, personalized pet tag for your favorites!

With its size of 26mm, it is ideal for small to large breeds and its great hexagon shape makes it stand out from the classic, round design.

This stamp can be stamped on both sides and is made individually to your wishes - making each stamp unique! Name, nickname, contact details etc.

This is how you design your personal pet tag:

Mix & Match - choose your ELEMENTS in which the brand should be designed ( several can be selected ) and a FONT .

Personalize your brand - in the Personalization field you can provide information about your desired design. Here you can tell me the exact symbols , desired arrangement and details . Of course, symbols made up of several elements can also be combined - simply select the elements that you want to combine.

(Example: Earth Row 1 - B, Air Row 3 - D etc.)

Optionally, you can also upload a rough sketch/sample photo to me.

Brand selectable in materials: brass and aluminum

Includes key ring for attachment

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