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Nalion SILENT TAGS - TAUPE // 26x29mm - personalized silicone pet tag in the unique Nalion design

Nalion SILENT TAGS - TAUPE // 26x29mm - personalized silicone pet tag in the unique Nalion design

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Nalion Silent Tags - Light as a feather & noiseless
The Nalion Silent Tags are the alternative to the metal pet tag for everyone who prefers things to be quiet - because the Nalion Silent Tags are made of BPA-free silicone.

Designed by Nalion - I designed the silent tags myself and made sure that it remained true to me and that every brand got a piece of Nalion uniqueness. They come in my favorite shape, the hexagon and the first brand of this kind is designed in your favorite design and exudes adventurous excursions and freedom - limitless and jingle-free.

Colors - The colors of the silent tags are deliberately chosen so that they match any fur color, exude naturalness and still provide a pleasant colored accent on the collar/harness.

Size & Shape - With their size of 26x29mm, the Silent Tags are also ideal for smaller breeds and still offer enough space to get a little more information on the back if necessary and their hexagon shape makes them particularly beautiful and also suitable as a key ring .
Make your brand unique and have the back personalized with a nice slogan, information, Tasso number, telephone number or statement.

Attachment - The Silent Tags come with a 20mm hardened steel key ring in the color of your choice. The rings in silver and brass are particularly solid and dimensionally stable. Please never attach the leash to the key ring, as this can then be bent open by the dog's pull - I recommend checking the rings at regular intervals so that they can be replaced if necessary.

Nalion SILENT TAGS - available for every adventure!

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