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WOLF GOWN X NALION // Viking collection // ASGARD arrowhead // personalized on request

WOLF GOWN X NALION // Viking collection // ASGARD arrowhead // personalized on request

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Exclusive collection in collaboration with WOLFSGEWAND

Hand-stamped brand "Asgard" in the shape of an arrowhead - Viking collection by Nalion ᚱᛟᛉ

True to Nordic mythology, this brand marks the beginning of our new “Viking collection” and brings with it a few special features:

The front consists purely of a motif and shows the Scandinavian landscape as well as the Viking compass - the popular Vegvisir!

The back has space for your dog's name and a phone number.
Alternatively, it can of course also be used for special dates, such as anniversaries/birthdays or a small personal dedication. The Nordic arrowhead is not only ideal as a pet tag, but also looks great as a key/bag pendant or even as jewelry.

And as an absolute highlight, “Asgard” includes a small charm with three runes of your choice!
Under the article photos you will find an overview of the different runes and their meanings. Of course, these shouldn't be missing from a real Viking brand!ッ


At the end of your order, please indicate your wishes for the back of the stamp in the "Personalization" field.

Personalization brand: name + telephone number

Personalization Charm: up to 3 runes of your choice (see selection in the product photos)

Each stamp is stamped by hand, making it a unique piece of jewelry

There may be minimal differences from the product photo shown as some elements are freehand stamped.

Dimensions 35x27mm

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